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Colleges and Universities

University of Tampa
USF College

Dorms, classrooms, labs, vivariums, sports facilities, auditoriums and office complexes can challenge the HVAC designer. Daikin Applied brings experience and an array of premier manufacturers to aid our higher education customers in building superior HVAC systems.

Daikin chillers for central plants or for individual buildings provide efficient operation with climate-friendly refrigerants for sustainable campuses.

Air-Rotation units serve indoor practice fields and gymnasiums and other large warehouse or equipment rooms.


Central station air handlers from 2” wall to 4” wall, indoor and roof mounted, employ energy recovery wheels, air-to-air plate heat exchangers, desiccant dehumidification, UV light, heat pipes, EC fan arrays, VFD controlled plenum fan arrays, in single and dual tunnel designs to meet the designer’s requirements.


Fan coils, blower coils and small air handlers, VAV terminals and chilled beams offer zone control.


Critical Room Control systems serve lab supply, general exhaust and fume hood exhaust applications. CRC supplies venturi valves and complete control and space pressure monitoring, all with native BACnet integration into campus BAS. CRC control of vivarium operations with continuous space condition monitoring protects valuable animals and on-going research.


DX systems for outlying facilities away from central loops can be equipped with SiteLine™ Building Controls that communicate through the cloud or via routers.


Knock down air handlers, EC fan arrays and coil bank assemblies facilitate retrofit and renovation with a minimum of disruption.

Underfloor air distribution for classroom building minimizes ventilation and air conditioning costs. Underfloor air provides the only cost-effective solution for auditorium and stadium cooling.


From custom, semi-custom to commercial products, Daikin Applied is experienced and eager to work with you on your next college or university project.

Contact your Daikin Applied representative early in the design stage to discuss your application.

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