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Sport Stadiums and Convention Centers

Sports Venues
Football Stadiums
Convention Centers

Johnson Air-Rotation® HVAC systems can provide heating and cooling to large sports facilities and convention centers. Air-Rotation is the perfect solution for large open spaces, eliminating ductwork and additional rooftop structural support. With a Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC system, the air is slow moving through the entire space, meaning no concerns with air velocity. 

The Air-Rotation system can be designed with sound attenuation for a quieter solution, and can also integrate acoustic insulation. This is ideal for sports facilities where coaches are shouting back and forth with players, or convention centers in which there are speakers or workshops. 

The Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC system is ground-mounted and can be placed inside or outside the space. The system can also be designed to fit into a cabinet for aesthetic purposes, hiding the unit. Outdoor configuration options allow valuable space for sports practice or convention activities to be free from HVAC equipment.

Contact your Daikin Applied representative to learn more about our sports & convention HVAC solutions.

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