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Tampa International Airport HVAC
Airport interior HVAC system
Orlando Airport Lobby HVAC

Daikin Applied has extensive experience placing equipment at the major airports in Tampa, Orlando and Ft. Myers.


Daikin chillers, Evaptech cooling towers and Tranter plate and frame heat exchangers serve Florida airport central energy plants. Daikin magnetic bearing chillers give reliable service for this critical application. Cascaded chillers from Daikin can provide low brine solution for airplane ground cooling systems.

From custom air handling solutions from SEMCO to semi-custom solutions from Daikin, Daikin Applied has indoor and outdoor mounted air handlers to meet all airport applications. Achieve zone control using our smaller air handlers, blower coils and fan coils as well as fan powered and shutoff VAV equipment. Daikin Applied has Daikin, SEMCO and ENVIRO-TEC products designed for longer life and high reliability and low operating costs. Use Daikin DOAS units and SEMCO chilled beams to serve areas not easily reached with ducted air.


EC fan arrays in central station air handlers – on new equipment or retrofitted within existing air handlers – reduce operating cost and provide great turndown. N+1 redundant fans end emergency repairs in the event of a motor failure. Belts, sheaves and VFD’s are gone with EC fan arrays!


Energy recovery systems by Daikin Applied companies, along with UV lights and special air filtration, bring indoor comfort efficiently and cost effectively to air terminals with high peak people loading as well as extreme variability in people loading and outside air demand. Desiccant dehumidification as a standalone unit, or integrated into an air handler or DX packaged unit, can solve problems for Florida airport designers.

Case Studies

Contact your Daikin Applied representative early in the design stage to discuss your application.

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