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Government Facilities

HVAC Retrofit on Government Building
City Hall HVAC system
Department of Justice building

Daikin Applied is ready to support developing HVAC systems to meet the challenges of government buildings. We have solutions for extended building life designs, quiet systems for courts of law, durable solutions for detention facilities, and redundancy strategies for critical use law enforcement, military and embassy facilities.

Magnetic bearing chillers run without oil. They do not require complete tear down every 10 years like some competitors’ oiled bearing chillers.

Variable compression ratio, along with variable speed screw chillers, provide excellent part load operating efficiencies and long compressor life.


Dual circuited, multiple scroll compressors bring great part load efficiency and turndown to smaller chillers.


Air cooled chillers with electro fin coated condensers are well suited to Florida locations. Variable speed condenser fans enhance part load efficiencies. Optional pump packages simplify system design, reduce equipment overall footprint and reduce the cost and time of installation.

Custom and semi-custom air handlers with heat recovery, desiccant dehumidification, enhance filtration, EC fan arrays, VFD plenum fan arrays, UV lights, and institutional quality heating and cooling coils. Coil coatings and unit cabinet coatings and stainless steel, aluminum and composite material cabinet materials are available to meet the rigors of sea coast and other corrosive environments.

VAV systems and chilled beams complete the air side bringing thermostatic control to individual zones. Critical Room Control venturi-based systems give safe and comfortable labs and clean rooms.


SEMCO 3A heat recovery technology, single and dual wheel recovery strategies offer creative solutions to government buildings with high people densities and complex loads and conditions.


DST packaged desiccant dehumidifiers and custom air handlers with desiccant wheels handle outside air and high latent load conditions.


Daikin’s extensive DX solutions are an ideal fit for many government facilities. Daikin offers dedicated outside air systems with heat recovery. From mini-splits and VRV to large rooftop and splits systems, Daikin DX solutions offer affordable and sustainable HVAC solutions. Refrigerant reheat and liquid sub cooling options for Daikin rooftops provide dehumidification and efficient operation.

AirFixture's under floor air distribution provides superior air quality with reduced outside air expense and zone control, with an opportunity to reduce the floor to floor building height, saving overall construction costs.

Case Studies


IRS Kansas City

Contact your Daikin Applied representative early in the design stage to discuss your application.

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