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Office Buildings

Hi-rise office building rooftop HVAC
Office building HVAC installation
Office building skyscrapers

Office building HVAC systems for new construction, retrofit and renovation projects are the focus of Daikin Applied. Involve your representative early in the process to select the system that best suits your application.

Systems to consider include:

  • Commercial self-contained packaged units are a good fit for floor by floor systems. VFD driven plenum fans modulate for variable volume operation, reducing noise and power consumption at part load. Redundant scroll compressors provide reliable service with either water cooled or air-cooled condensers.

  • Water cooled, magnetic bearing chillers with single or dual compressors provide chilled water systems with reliable, quiet service and unequaled part-load power consumption.

  • Daikin Air or water-cooled screw chillers feature variable compression ratio in addition to variable speed operation. The Daikin screw chiller does no more compression or work than is needed at part load conditions. This unique Daikin design gives excellent part load power consumption. Choose long lived, efficient Daikin screw chillers for your larger office buildings.

  • Air or water-cooled scroll chillers offer reliable options for smaller office buildings. Multiple compressors provide redundancy and excellent part-load efficiency.

  • Air-cooled condenser coils on all chillers and DX systems can be coated to extend life in the corrosive Florida environment.

  • Daikin and SEMCO air handlers can be configured to handle the air side of any office project. Energy recovery, preconditioning outside air, demand ventilation, variable air volume operation is available to meet your most demanding applications.

  • VAV and chilled beams provide individual zone control with all air systems. SEMCO Neutron pump controllers maintain water temperatures to zone sensible cooling devices at temperature above room dew points.

  • Direct expansion systems with variable speed compressors, evaporator and condenser fans provide cost effective HVAC for office buildings. DOAS systems and variable volume rooftop units with VAV terminals capably handle the most sophisticated buildings.

  • Increasingly VRV (variable refrigerant volume) systems, invented by Daikin, provide zone control for office buildings. By minimizing ducting, installed and operating costs can be reduced without sacrificing zone control. VRV systems can be either change over heat pump or three pipe systems that allow interior and exterior zones to be heating and cooling simultaneously, using waste heat from the building interior to heat perimeter spaces.

  • AirFixture underfloor air distribution provides safer indoor air at reduced first and operating costs. The raised floor design has benefits beyond HVAC for cabling and power wiring in a high tech building.

Daikin Applied engineers have other systems and ideas to help you with your office building. Bring us and our suppliers into the project early.

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