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HVAC Equipment Sales

Daikin Applied

Graduate engineers support HVAC application for offices, schools, hospitals, labs, universities, retail, institutional and industrial projects. The Daikin Applied Sales team has extensive experience in new construction, retrofit and renovation. Daikin Applied brings system knowledge as well as equipment expertise to our customers. LEED AP applications engineers at CAS, together with our suppliers, are pleased to assist our partners in planning for LEED certification of their projects. Contact CAS early in the development and design process for LEED assistance.

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Daikin Compact Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

The Daikin Applied sales team supports the application of many HVAC technologies including:

  • Chilled and hot water systems

  • Scroll, screw and centrifugal chillers using sustainable refrigerants

  • Direct expansion including variable refrigerant volume, VRV or VRF, systems

  • Water source for tower loops and geothermal

  • Air to air heat pumps

  • Cooling towers, both packaged and field erected, for new construction, replacement and retrofit of existing towers

  • Plate and frame heat exchangers

  • Ice storage systems

  • DOAS both air cooled and water cooled, with energy recovery wheels, air to air heat exchangers, heat pipes, waste heat reheat, desiccant wheels used in creative and cost-effective systems

  • Air handling units, commercial, custom and semi-custom units for retail, office, institutional, medical, educational, entertainment and industrial applications

  • Blower coil and fan coil, piping packages and controls

  • UV lights for new or existing equipment

  • VRV piping and controls lay out

  • Variable air volume systems application and control

  • Critical room control for relative space pressure regulation in labs, pharmacies, and hospitals

  • Flume exhaust fans

  • Permanent magnet EC fan arrays for both new air handlers and to replace existing, obsolescent fan technology with inlet vanes or frequency invertors

  • Variable frequency drives for fans, compressors, cooling towers and pumps

  • Energy conservation technologies including heat wheels, heat pipes, air to air heat exchangers


Daikin Applied is backed up by first-tier manufacturers. We take pride in representing socially responsible companies and using sustainable refrigerants in efficient systems.

The Daikin Applied sales team is with you during planning, design, budgeting, construction, commissioning and the warranty period. Our sales, parts and service groups work together with you to keep your systems running effectively.

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