HVAC Systems

HVAC System Design

HVAC System Design

Daikin Applied Installation

Daikin Applied Installation

DST America

DST America

Chillers - Daikin Applied

Daikin Chillers

Modular Chiller Plants

Ice Storage

Pumping Packages
  • Systecon

  • Daikin - optional on air cooled chillers

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

Frequency Inverters

Cooling Towers
  • Evaptech field erected

  • REYMSA corrosion resistant, factory assembled cooling towers and fluid coolers

Air Handlers


Institutional, Custom

Air Rotation Systems

Blower Coils

Fan Coils

Unit Ventilators

Dessicant Dehumidifiers

UV Lights
Energy Recovery

Water Source Heat Pumps


Piping Packages and Hose Kits

Variable Refrigerant Volume - VRV
  • Daikin

    • Heat Pump

    • Heat Recovery, simultaneous heating and cooling


Rooftop Systems

Split Systems

DOAS - Dedicated Outside Air Systems

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners - PTAC

Self Contained Packaged Units

Vibration Isolation

VAV - Variable Air Volume

Comfort Cooling

Critical Room Control (CRC)

  • Labs

  • Healthcare

  • Cleanroom

  • Vivarium

Electric Heaters

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