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FläktGroup SEMCO

FläktGroup SEMCO energy recovery and outside air treatment systems offer unique packaged solutions to:

  • Deliver low dew points (down to 20°F) to OR’s while minimizing the tons of cooling input

  • Recover energy from labs via True 3Å (3 angstrom) wheels, eliminating cross contamination and providing the industry’s best recovery efficiency ratio (RER)

  • Deliver patented dual wheel energy recovery and outside air treatment in humid climates, ideal for occupant comfort and industrial cooling.


FläktGroup SEMCO active and passive chilled beams provide quiet, energy efficient air delivery systems providing cost-effective zone control.


When FläktGroup SEMCO energy recovery units are combined with active chilled beams and NEUTON pump modules, the result is the 3fficiency™ system. 3fficiency provides critical humidity control and the ability to heat and cool different zones in a package that is easier to install and commission.

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