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Carroll Air Systems, Inc. is licensed and insured.

Servicemen arrive equipped for the job.

Our service team supports the product that we sell.

The primary focus of Carroll Air Service is to enhance the sale of HVAC equipment by Carroll Air Systems, Inc. We support the sale, installation and successful commissioning of equipment supplied by the sales department. The service company thrives on servicing what we sell and on having satisfied customers. Our service group, supported by our Training group, conducts classroom and field training for owners and our customer’s service arms.

When required, Carroll Air Service starts up new equipment, participates in the commissioning process along with test and balancing and commissioning agents. Extended parts and labor warranties are available, as well as service contracts. Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


Our highly qualified technicians are trained and certified to handle refrigerants, oils and other chemicals properly and responsibly. OSHA trained, our technicians take great care to work safely and to maintain a safe worksite. Mechanical and controls training is continuous, enabling our technicians to troubleshoot and service ever-changing HVAC technology.


Variable refrigerant volume systems, dedicated outside air systems, variable speed compressors and fans, variable frequency inverters, electrically commutated motors and increasingly powerful microprocessor based controls need the support of factory trained and certified mechanics. Carroll Air Service stands prepared and equipped to support you, our valued customer.

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