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Hospitality, Multi-Family and Congregate Living Facilities

High-Rise Condo
Hospitality Building
Congregate Living

Hotels, motels, multi-family living and complex residential projects such as congregate living and assisted living facilities have the need for HVAC with quiet, comfortable zone control and minimal maintenance.

Our stack fan coil and water source heat pump systems offer a cost-effective solution for mid and high-rise applications. Risers can ship attached and pre-piped, or in advance of the unit cabinets. Horizontal and vertical cabinet fan coils and blower coils for larger zones allow chilled water easily piped throughout a building to handle the air cooling at the zone. Hot water from heat recovery or electric heat are common in Florida.


Water source heat pumps – from compact footprint vertical units to very high efficiency vertical and horizontal units with refrigerant reheat for dehumidification – are a great solution for Florida’s mild climate. Large capacity roof mounted or indoor mounted WSHP units readily handle public communal areas.


Packaged terminal air conditioners provide decentralized, standalone cooling and heating solutions for smaller projects. Quiet cooling, electric heat and heat pump terminals are available.


VRV and mini-split ductless units provide efficient, quiet and scalable solutions. Combined with our DOAS (dedicated outside air systems), VRV results in a superior system.


Daikin chillers meet the needs of this segment of the market. Magnetic bearing chillers give unmatched part load operating efficiency and long life with minimal maintenance. Variable compression ratio, along with variable speed screw chillers from Daikin, give excellent part load operating efficiencies and long compressor life. Dual circuited, multiple scroll compressor bring great part-load efficiency and turndown to smaller chillers.


Commercial air handlers, semi-custom and custom air handlers are ideal for ballrooms, restaurants, spas, pools, fitness areas, casinos, retail and other areas in hospitality or residential complexes.

Underfloor air distribution systems are the standard for casinos. The introduction of clean air from below and the removal of smoke with the overhead return is widely used in casinos today. AirFixture is a world leader in casino air conditioning.

Case Studies

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