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AAF Flanders

AAF Flanders, the leader in air filtration, provides air filtration for new equipment and for retrofit applications alike. AAF Flanders permanent and replaceable media panel filters meet the depth and MERV rating for most any application. From pre-filter to HEPA final filters and every application between, AAF Flanders has what you need.


Contact Daikin Applied for help when refurbishing your air handling equipment. We can recommend AAF Flanders filter frames and latches and side or face access filter housings that will replace aging filter racks and upgrade the filtration effectiveness in your existing equipment. From V-bank to minimum depth racks, AAF Flanders has the right product for the application. Bag-in and bag-out filter housings and rack assemblies ensure the safety of personnel and meet the most stringent filtration requirements.


For commercial, industrial, health care or residential filtration, use the leader, AAF Flanders.

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