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K-12 Schools

Classroom HVAC
K-12 School
School Construction

Schools come in many sizes and configurations, and so do our HVAC solutions! Sound, indoor air quality and zone comfort are always foremost in our minds when recommending HVAC equipment for schools.

Air cooled and water cooled direct expansion options for schools include rooftops, split systems, VRV, self-contained, PTAC, and water source heat pumps -- both water loop and geothermal.

The heart of Daikin chillers are its compressors:

  • Scroll compressors, 10 - 240 tons, air cooled

  • Screw compressors with variable speed and variable compression ratio, 165 – 550 tons, air cooled

  • Magnetic bearing, oil-less compressors, 75 to 1500 tons, water cooled


Factory packaged chiller and pump packages create compact, cost-saving solutions for fast track central plant replacements.

Fan coils, blower coils and air handlers with institutional features from semi-custom to custom meet the needs of the institutional application.

Johnson Air-Rotation cooling of gymnasiums eliminates ductwork and provides uniform comfort throughout the building. Low velocity air movement provides quiet comfort without ductwork or roof penetrations or loss for floor space.

Dedicated outdoor units, both DX and chilled water, employ heat recovery for energy conservation. Heat wheels and plate air-to-air heat exchangers, face and bypass, heat recovery reheat, heat pipe and other technologies combine to cool, heat and dehumidify outdoor air and to ensure safe indoor air quality in schools. Variable speed compressor, condenser and evaporator fans work together in our DX DOAS units to give unequaled operating efficiencies and performance.

Variable air volume terminals, single duct, parallel and series fan terminals provide zone comfort, part load humidity control and low operating costs. Combination dual duct boxes with both preconditioned outside air and return air VAV valves assure proper outside air distribution at all load conditions. Dual duct fan terminals with preconditioned outside air and return valve serve perimeter spaces. Sensible only cooling coils in fan powered VAV terminals, along with DOAS equipment, reduce fan operating power as well as air duct sizes and costs.

Variable refrigerant systems and mini-splits give superior operating costs and serve pod and large multi-building campuses well.

Water source heat pumps with refrigerant reheat and/or DOAS systems serve classrooms, media centers, offices, and gyms with only a cooling loop or ground source loop distribution piping system.

Post COVID-19 school design must consider underfloor air distribution that provide filtered and purified air in the breathing zone and removes air through a ceiling return. The underfloor system can reduce the percentage of outside air required, thereby reducing first and operating costs.

Case Studies

Contact your Daikin Applied representative early in the conceptual design stages to discuss the best solution for your campus. If you are replacing aging equipment or retrofitting equipment on site, contact us for options such as knocked down air handlers, EC fan array and coil replacement strategies.

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