Industrial Applications


Carroll Air Systems’ suppliers offer many industrial solutions for dehumidification, purification, cooling and heating of air, as well as cooling and chilled water for process cooling applications.


Evaptech towers are field erected to handle any application from power plant to chemical plant to central energy plants.

Johnson Air-Rotation® HVAC systems provide low noise, low operating cost cooling for manufacturing buildings, warehouses and distribution centers.


Ingenia custom air handlers can be supplied with wash down construction, UV lights, HEPA filtration and antimicrobial powder coated paint in the interior of 4”, no through metal walls.


SEMCO 3A heat recovery wheels recover heat from exhaust streams that contain contaminants that must not be reintroduced into labs or other industrial applications. SEMCO sound attenuating and fire rated panels are quickly assembled together to provide enclosures for equipment and processes.


DST desiccant dehumidifiers serve industries across the world.


CRC (Critical Room Control), offer solutions for space pressurization controls for labs in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, clean rooms and food processing.


PlasticAir fans provide ventilation for corrosive applications such as waste water treatment. Flume exhaust fans transfer contaminated air up and away for outside air intakes.

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