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Healthcare Facilities

Hospital Entrance
Operating Room
Emergency Rooms

Daikin Applied focuses on retrofit and renovation in working hospitals. Replace aging centrifugal or vane axial fans with ECM fan arrays in a single day. Replace cooling or heating coil banks and add UV lights to restore or increase your existing air handler capacity. Replace an air handling unit with a new, knock down, assembled-in-place semi-custom or full custom unit over a weekend. These are all in the Daikin Applied's wheel house. Call us and we will help you upgrade your existing air handling equipment.

Our VAV options include quiet units with hospital grade liners or double wall construction. For operating rooms, pharmacies, labs and isolation rooms, our Critical Room Controls systems offer many advantages. Low pressure drop venturi air valves with industrial flow transducers serve fume hood, snorkel, and general exhausts as well as the supply air. Fast acting actuators and controls integrate exhaust and supply valves with room pressure monitors at point of use and in remote monitoring stations. BACnet integration makes the entire system visible and controllable from the building BAS.


Daikin chillers, magnetic bearing centrifugals, variable speed and variable compression ratio screw compressor, and scroll compressor chillers, offer low life cycle cost solutions using green refrigerants.


Our Daikin, SEMCO, and DST commercial, semi-custom and custom air handlers offer creative and cost-effective solutions for all areas of the health care industry. Standard, quick ship air handlers serve medical office areas. Custom units offer a menu of features available to healthcare engineers such as anti-microbial paint, wash down construction, UV lights, heat recovery and desiccant wheels, 2” to 4” foamed panel construction, low leakage options at high pressures, EC fan arrays, blow through and draw through configurations, return and exhaust fans, heat pipes and much more.


Johnson Air-Rotation® systems provide cost effective conditioning of pharmaceutical storage areas and heath care equipment rooms.

Danfoss variable frequency drives for towers, pumps, air handlers and many other applications are available with startup supervision, training and service options.


REYMSA FHP packaged cooling towers or Evaptech field erected towers meet the stringent needs of the healthcare industry.


Daikin DX DOAS rooftop units and air-cooled screw and scroll chillers serve standalone patient treatment and day surgery centers with precision control. SiteLine™ Building Controls allow the remote monitoring of HVAC equipment, making the management of multiple remote operations more affordable.

AirFixture underfloor air distributionsupplying clean air into the breathing space and removing contaminated air through ceiling return, is the design for exam rooms and treatment rooms in the post COVID-19 healthcare space.

Contact your Daikin Applied representative to learn more about our healthcare HVAC solutions.

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