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For 30 years Islandaire has been building PTAC and VTAC products in Long Island, NY for the extensive replacement market as well as for new construction. The Dr. PTAC line was developed specifically to address the humid climates of Florida and other coastal areas. The Dr. PTAC vertical and horizontal packaged terminal air conditioners have two independent refrigerant systems, one for outside air and the second for indoor air cooling and heating. They are available in cooling with electric heat and heat pump. The Dr. PTAC unit preconditions up to 55 CFM of outside air, offsetting bathroom exhausts in ALF and hotel applications. Do you have aging PTAC units built by a company that no longer makes that model or is out of business? Click on the REPLACEMENT GUIDE. Islandaire likely makes an exact replacement for your old unit with excellent ship cycles. Islandaire understands the hotel and ALF business. Contact us here at Dakin Applied Central and West Coast Florida for more information.

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