enVerid air scrubbers remove CO2, formaldehyde, and all other contaminants of concern per ASHRAE 62.1 allowing designers to reduce the amount of outsider air required by the IAQP procedure in ASHRAE 62.1. Tested to ASHRAE Standard 145.2-2011, the effectiveness of enVerid air scrubbers has been confirmed by an independent party.


enVerid scrubbers received the ASHRAE Product of the Year Award in 2019. The technology enables designers to earn LEED and Green Building credits. Reducing the outside air needs reduces cooling and heating loads while provide excellent indoor air quality. Reduced operating costs and reduced environmental impact are benefits of using enVerid.

Energy savings and improved indoor dehumidification are two of the benefits of enVerid that make it a natural design element in Florida and other humid climates.

enVerid Case Studies