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IN STOCK: Daikin Air Cooled Chillers


Daikin Air Cooled Chiller Technology Thrives in the Harsh Florida Environment!

Daikin Air Cooled Chillers are stocked, ready for shipment at the factory in Staunton, VA. 


Now in stock for your job:

Screw compressor chillers - 175 to 300 tons

Scroll compressor chillers - 20 to 240 tons 


Scroll Chillers

Trailblazer scroll chillers from 10 to 241 tons with multiple compressors on all sizes and with multiple refrigerant circuits for 40 ton and larger chillers provide superior full and part load efficiency.


Scroll compressors are protected by motor and scroll temperature sensors, phase failure/reversal detection, low control voltage and short cycle detection.


Available pump packages reduce field piping and footprint of the pump and chiller combination.


Screw Chillers

Variable Volume Ratio technology minimizes the compression ratio on the fly. Along with variable frequency drive speed control, VVR minimizes power consumption and noise.

Optional variable speed condenser fans expand the range of operation, reduce power consumption and noise.

Screw Chiller Energy Savings from Variable Compression Ratio Operation


Microchannel Condensers

All aluminum microchannel condensers eliminate electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals. High grade aluminum microchannel condensers, epoxy coated for seacoast applications, exceeded 10,000 hours of salt spray testing per ASTM B117-90.

Microchannel condensers provides 30% better heat transfer than fin-tube model and reduce the amount of refrigerant and oil required per ton of cooling resulting in higher efficiencies and reduced power consumption.

Microchannel reduces the weight and cost of air cooled chillers.

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